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Part Time Jobs for Teenagers and Students

Part time jobs for teenagers and students can be a lot of fun. Though, there could be underlying factors that may be preventing a person from enjoying their time. Whether it is the environment, the co-workers, or even the student's approach to having the job.

Advice on picking a part time job for the first time

A small word of advice would be to pick a job that you could see yourself doing as a career some day. Trying to find a part time job can be frustrating or it could be easy. Though, if you do have difficulties finding a job, look to your local newspaper in the classifieds section.

Advantages to having a part time job

There are some advantages to having a part time job. You get paid for working. You gain some work experience. Work ethics get built up.

Getting paid for working is generally a good thing. No matter how short or long term you plan on working for with any kind of job this gives a person a sense of independence, if they were generally dependent before. With money to yourself now, you could always start saving up for your future of bill payments yet to come.

Work experience is something that one is able to accrue as they work. Being able to get a grasp of how an organization works, especially if that place is going to be a career choice for you in the future, is a giant step. For example, a student in high school who plans on taking business courses in the future may want to find a career in the retail industry first.

Work ethics is generally reflected by how the student performs. Schools do give us a boost in starting our work ethics as well. They teach us to be on time, both in attendance and for any assignments due. If you hand in assignments on time, you generally get a decent mark. If it is late, you generally get a few marks removed.

Disadvantages to having a part time job

The only true disadvantage to having a paying part time job as a student is that you will have to start paying into income tax.

No matter what type of job you are in, as long as you are making money and receiving a pay stub with various deductions taken off, you will have to pay into income tax.

Applying for part time jobs for teenagers

Applying for part time jobs for teenagers can be a bit daunting especially for first timers. As a teen, you lack work experience and you're a bit scared to have an interview with potential employers. Writing the resume can be overwhelming as well. Some parents are quite supportive and may provide their kids with the right answers but what about those teens with uncooperative family members?

This should not happen in the first place but you see, in the real world it's really different. If parents will not provide support, you will have to work early in life. You need to be aware that in most countries, children under 12 years are not allowed to work. When you turn thirteen, you can already apply for simple jobs. Preparation is the key if you want to land a job. The market is extremely competitive and you should show your employer that you're fit for the job.

Create a simple yet striking resume. Even if you lack experience, your resume will be valued because the employer will know that you exerted effort in submitting such document. The resume can also showcase your talents and skills that make you suitable for the job. Identify your strengths but without the intention of bragging or boasting. For instance, if you used to babysit your little sister or brother, you can include in that on your resume.

Don't forget to emphasize the qualities and skills that you've developed on that certain job experience and how you were able to overcome challenges.

Print out your resume before applying for part time jobs for teenagers. A well prepared and detailed resume is very attractive. Still, it doesn't end there. Once you're through, you have to head out in search of the perfect job. You should be dressed accordingly and well groomed. It's up to you whether you will wear formal or casual clothing; just make sure that you can create a striking appearance.

There are many websites online that you can check out to know the various work opportunities waiting for you. You can also conduct a local search by reading newspapers, going to the library, and check any other relevant listings. Even if a certain establishment doesn't have a post or ad that says "job vacancy" you can still go in and talk to the manager about your desire to apply for a job. If you can do this confidently and with determination, you can convince the employer to hire you in no time.

Rejection is natural and you should be prepared for it. You can never please everyone and just in case, you're turned down, you need to take it lightly and accept the decision of the employer. Even if your application is turned down, you have to ask politely if you can leave your resume for future reference. Don't act childish and try to look like a professional.

The final step is follow up. When seeking part time jobs for teenagers, you have to follow up your application to show your determination. If you follows these things, you can have a great job.

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