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Earn Money without Investment

10 Sure Fire ways to Earn Money without Investment Online!

Those who seek to earn money without investment will find themselves faced with hundreds of options, but each and every one of them are going to involve time, sweat, and dedication.

Nothing in this world is free – especially not money! Get ready to pull up your sleeves and juice the web for all it's worth!

01. Freelancing

Websites like oDesk, Fiverr, and eLance allow online job-seekers the opportunity to connect with Freelance-Work ranging from design and programming to customer service and writing – plus everything in between.

02. Social Media Assistant

Many online businesses need to keep in touch with the web 2.0 world – but many simply lack the time to keep up with the community. Earn money without investment by making updates, adding friends, and chatting with customers.

03. Stock Photography

Do you already own a camera? The demand for professional and unique stock photography will never decline. Provide photos of even the most mundane objects and receive compensation from sales and royalties!

04. Starting a Blog

The "Universal Blog Revenue Building System" from V&A is a priceless Free ebook that shows even the complete beginner how to start on the path to entrepreneurship by learning how to make money blogging. Learn how to select a niche, build a blog, and start earning money with very little investment. Hosting and domain name registration are nominal fees compared to the amount of money a blog can make with a little love.

05. Affiliate Marketing

Another way to easily monetize a blog is to enroll in an affiliate advertising program like ShareASale that offers products you are interested in. When a reader purchases a product through your affiliate link, you will get a nice chunk of commission.

06. Completing Surveys

Paid surveys are perhaps the most notorious of ways to earn money without investment. Do not expect to generate a fully sustainable income, but surveys can provide the opportunity to get free products and extra cash while improving the brands you love.

07. Create a Virtual Product

Creating products requires a ton of skill, time, and effort – but the real potential for revenue is staggering compared to any other investment free venture. Virtual products can include ebooks, audio files, software, website templates… You name it! If you're an expert in any field, this may be the money making opportunity you have been waiting for. Just signup as a ClickBank Vendor and you're all good to go with one of the largest information product networks in the world!

08. Create Design Products

Artistic talent may as well be pure gold if you can find the right market. Illustrate ebooks, sell t-shirts through CafePress, or complete commissions for prints. Communities like DeviantART will even print and ship your creations to your customers.

09. Virtual Assistant

The internet is full of successful entrepreneurs that need help managing their businesses. You could fill their needs by answering phone calls, making reservations, scheduling appointments, responding to email, and a whole slew of time-eating office tasks that can earn a pretty penny.

10. Tutoring and Consulting

This huge industry is always in need of educated, talented, and dedicated teachers. Many programs do not require certification – only a working knowledge of any subject under the sun. Tutoring and consulting often proves to be, by far, the most fulfilling way to earn money without investment on the internet.

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