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Free Money Making Ideas for Home Based Business

The start of any business is a business idea. And many successful businesses started with not too much more than an idea.

That also holds true for home based businesses. The key here is creativity and hard work. If you have access to a computer and the Internet, you can turn a good business idea into a good business – a money making business, with these free money making ideas.

Here are 3 general free money making ideas. All require a starting capital of almost nothing (besides perhaps having a computer connected to the Internet, which if you're reading this, isn't a problem).

1st idea: Research a topic thoroughly and sell your expertise to others. Currently, people not only need information, but they need precise information. On the other hand, the amount of information available is so huge that no one can master it alone. If you regularly gather information about a topic and monetize it, you will be helping people and cashing in on that. There are several ways of monetizing your expertise about a topic. You can sell it in the form of e-books, or you could write articles, upload them and sell the ad space on your web-page.

2nd idea: Gather things that people don't need and sell them online. Many people have a basement or garage full of stuff that they don't need anymore and these people are often eager to get rid of it. However, not everyone has the time to deal with it, which is where you come in. You could advertise it as a service – you will be helping them recycling what they don't need anymore and charging your clients online. You will be surprised about how valuable those things are that nobody wanted. Some of them are antiquities, others are collectibles – people collect many incredible things, others can be simply repaired before they are sold.

3rd idea: Be an online personal assistant (PA). If you can stay online for long hours, offer your services as a personal assistant. Many people have too much stress and will be happy to have a virtual helper somewhere on the Internet. Be as flexible as you can and try to offer a whole range of services – transcriptions, write letters, research better prices, make calls, take calls, collect bills, etc.

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