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Freelance Work

Do Some Moonlighting

Freelance work allows you to pick and choose when you work and generally be your own boss.

Unfortunately, this does not mean that you sit around all day doing the odd piece of work and rack in thousands. You have to have self-discipline to set aside time each day when you will work.

You also cannot quit your day job straight away and expect to pull in $5000 dollars next month. You have to start slow and build up to the income you want per month.

The facts are that the jobs are real and the money is real and the only investment is the amount of time that you invest in freelance work.

Why is there so much Freelance work?

In this economic climate, companies are outsourcing more and more work to freelancers. It is more efficient to outsource work to a freelancer than to pay and maintain a full-time employee.

Once you starting running your own business you quickly learn that you cannot do every task yourself and grow your business. It becomes necessarily to outsource some tasks.

There are many websites that allow for clients to post their jobs and freelancers to respond to them. It is no longer important for you to base in the same country. For example, you can work in America and have clients in Europe and Japan.

You can use freelancers that have been based in the USA, Latvia, India, Australia and in many other countries.

What sort of jobs are there for freelancers on the internet, well the possibilities are endless but here are some of the niches where work can be found:

  • Website Design / Website Marketing
  • Graphic Design / Presentations / Multimedia
  • Illustration / Cartooning / Painting / Sculpting
  • Marketing / Advertising / Sales / PR
  • Engineering / CAD / Architecture
  • Networking / Hardware / Telephone Systems
  • Legal
  • Fashion / Interior / Landscape / Set Design
  • ERP / CRM Implementation
  • Programming / Software / Database Development
  • Writing / Editing / Translation
  • Admin Support (Legal, Medical, Accounting)
  • Sales / Telemarketing
  • Business Consulting
  • Photography / Videography
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Broadcasting

Where to find Freelance Work

There are many quality websites where freelancers can look for work posted by clients.

Rent a Coder

The title of this website can be a bit miss leading, you will find many types of freelancers here. You will find companies looking for programmers, website designers, graphic designers, copy writers, ghost writers, article writers and many more.


This smartly designed website will enable your to pitch your skills for many different types of freelance work. These can range from designer work, architectural drawings to being a virtual PA.

Other popular websites for freelancers include


If you struggling to find something that fits your current skill level or looking for something a little less formal then you should check these websites.

Amazon's Mechanical Turk

Amazon will pay for you to take on tasks that computers cannot handle. This can range for writing descriptions of a DVD, to checking the spelling of search terms. Rates of pay can range from the you have got to be joking type to the modest, so you need to pick your projects with care.

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