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Freelance Writing

Good content is in demand on the web. If you can produce that, you have some money to make.

There are various models by which you can profit from your writing, which might be unfamiliar if you are more use to the offline payment methods.

Get Paid Per Article Or Per Word.

You will be contracted to write an article or a group of articles on a certain subject. If the article/s are for SEO purposes, you will be asked to include certain words in the article, and maybe even specific instructions as to how many times the words are to be repeated. Each article would probably be about 400 words and you will be paid by the article or by the word count.

Paid Per Click Or Sale.

You can publish your article on a site like HubPages. You don't get paid for the article, but along with the article, you are allowed to put in pay per click ads, and advertisements from Amazon and ebay. You get paid directly from the third party company if there are clicks or sales.

Paid Per Thousand Impressions.

You can also publish your article on sites like Helium and Associated Content. You don't get paid for your article, but you are paid per thousand page views of your article.


You can start it off completely free. As your readership grows, you might want to consider publishing to your own website or blog. That is when you would probably want to get your own domain name and hosting account. That should cost you about $5 – $10 per month.

Skills Needed

You will definitely need a good command of English. In many cases, you won't need to write like ?, but it also depends on your intended audience, your subject matter, and the purpose of your your content. Being a prolific writer, that is, one that is capable of churning out content fast, would be a definite plus.

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