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Freelance your Talents and Earn Money Online Now!

Taking on a freelancing career is a dream that many pursue for different reasons: to earn money, to fulfill a passion, to sharpen skills, and everything in between.

For others, independent contracting is a means to build up a portfolio. Is freelancing the perfect career choice for you?

What Does it Take?

To successfully build a sustainable income from freelancing, one must be an absolute self-starter. You may have a client checking up on your progress now and again, but it is up to you to make sure that everything is rolling along smoothly. You will also need to be able to extract information from a client – some have no experience in your field and can leave you underprepared.

You have to know enough about your field to take on every role of a regular office environment: administrative duties, scheduling, billing, advertising, you name it – unless you outsource these tasks they will be entirely up to you!

Building a Portfolio

It can be rather difficult to earn money online without a little bit of background experience. But what if you have never freelanced before? Getting those recommendations and past projects on a resume or query can be the difference between rejection and a long-term contract.

Check out websites that cater to a flexible audience: services like oDesk and Elance connect clients with freelancers of every skill level. When dealing with sensitive jobs like ghostwriting, make sure that you get permission before including works completed in your portfolio.

Pricing Matters

Struggling freelancers may find solicitations for "sample work" or "test material" very attractive – but beware. If you are actually accepted for the contract, the client may get used to the idea of receiving free work. Another mistake that freelance beginners make is offering rock-bottom rates to build their portfolio, and again, these good intentions could end up backfiring.

Setting the bar low often invites the worst job propositions. Start at a fair rate for an inexperienced freelancer in your field, and work those rates up in stages as you progress.

Getting Serious

If you really want to earn money as a freelancer, you have to take your self-made brand to the next level. Start a website under an easy to remember domain name, create or purchase a high quality layout, and include information that can help potential clients get in contact. This should be a virtual representation of your portfolio.

Keep it simple, to the point, and include your best relevant examples. Invest a little time into search engine optimization (See Affordable SEO) so that business owners and clients can easily seek you out.

Freelancing may not be the easiest career out there – but it has the potential to be the most fulfilling. It's a wonderful way to truly earn money without investment! If you have an independent streak, possess the motivation, and have the strong goals in mind you could easily turn your freelance venture into a full time profession.

Freelancing has even proved time and time again to be a viable stepping stone for those who wish to start their own business. Everything must start somewhere – so do not be afraid to charge full speed ahead and earn money freelancing!

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