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How to Make Money Playing Video Games

The most pleasant thing is to find something in life what you really enjoy; something that makes you happy, occupation that inspires you.

Games and virtual world – is such a thing for an army of nowadays young people. They spend their time online, playing with friend or solo, gathering knowledge about the games they play, perfecting their skills. It’s not a secret that these abilities can bring money and in next 15 minutes you will find out how.


One of the most popular things in today’s Internet is playing in a game for a big audience, while player or in this case streamer, is demonstrating his skills and is showing interesting content. Big audience = big salary, but is that really so? Well, I’ve got to say a categorical YES and I bet you are going to agree with me.

Now you will know about parts a streamer salary consists of:

  • Partner programs. There are different companies, which cooperate with streamers and use their audience, showing them different advertisement.
  • Subscription. Active users of Twitch or YouTube, can subscribe to a channel, getting bonuses instead. Part of money earned by subscription, streaming platform takes for development and promotion, another part goes to streamers.
  • Donations. System of donations is very popular among streamers. Their subscribers send money to on an electronic wallet, expressing this way their gratitude for work, that streamer does.
  • Advertisement. A well-known brand can ask streamer to advertise some goods on the channel.

    There is also one more interesting thing about streaming on a Twitch channel – collecting “Bits”. This online currency was introduced in 2016 and is used in “Cheering”, which in fact is a type of tipping system. Size of the tip isn’t limited and depends only on user’s desire. By the way, 100 Bits equals 1.40$.

How to get started on Twitch?

  • You have to be no less than 13 years old. Older? Pass through.
  • If you intend to become a streamer you will need a very effective machine – PC or console, which components will be capable to process data really fast. First of all find out which computer parts or console characteristics you need to start a stream without “freezes” of the screen.
  • Viewers like a good image and sound – spend some extra money on a good camera and a microphone.
  • Final step is connecting a Paypal or Amazon account, where money from your subscribers will be able to send.

Did I draw your attention? Read forward and you will find out more ways to earn money on games. Games testing and playing for money

EA, Ubisoft, Bethesda, Capcom, Blizzard, Nintendo – these are names of well-known game development studios. Such companies work permanent upon new projects, where a lot of tests must be done. In such situation game testers come to the rescue. They are hired by game developers for a period of time, while the game is in development. Average salary is about 3000-4000$ per month. Besides this there are a lot of different web pages, where you are offered to evaluate new online games and earn some money for your work. The most popular of them are Gamesville, Clip2Play, CashDazzle.

Thus, you can try playing games at Gamesville occupies the first position among gaming websites, where players get rewards for playing and gaining victories. Bigger score means bigger salary. Later you will be able to exchange collected rewards on prizes or cash. Clip2Play in its turn offers various daily tournaments in flash games. Every day 50 game winners are chosen and rewarded. Besides this a referral system is included – get 10 point for every invited person.

In addition, you can check these sites for vacant places of game testers: MyAppAware, PlaytestCloud, BetaFamily. MyAppAware offers 1$ for an honest review and 3$ for playing IPhone apps. Every registered user gets 2$ bonus at start. PlaytestCloud is cooperating with different game studios, such as Ubisoft and zeptolab. These guys offer you to sign up a form on their site, after what you will have to pass unpaid qualification test, desired to show you how to be a tester. If you are eligible, you will be added to the tester panel, where you will get real playtests, which you will be paid for. Try to spend your time on playing and testing for money, not only for pleasure. This is a real chance for you to earn some extra money.

Game journalism

The amount of game developers is growing rapidly as well as amount of players, which means that there is a lot of information about upcoming projects and game events and there are much more people, who really want to read something about them. Being a game journalist means to find out the freshest information regarded to games and gaming, and to present it interesting and clear. You can also take interviews from game developers or producers, involved in an upcoming project. Information coming from them is appreciated much by audience. More interesting and breathtaking facts means more views. More views = bigger revenue. It’s clear, working for yourself is much more profitable, but you also can join some game publishers and don’t forget to check that is included as the author.

Cyber sport

Sport competitions between people have reached a new level more than 40 ago when at Stanford University “First Intergalactic Tournament” was held. This was the first in the world cyber battle. Two dozens of computer geeks were fighting each other in “Spacewar” and that was the day, when the cyber sport was born. Now LAN-tournaments gather thousands of players around the world and in a fair fight every team is trying to show their superiority. Year 2011 became a real “Boom” of cyber sport events, when Ukrainian team Na’Vi won a grand prize – 1000000$! at Dota2 competitions called “The International”.

Everyone, who is passionate with games, can become a cyber-sportsman, which isn’t so easy I should say. Just like football or basketball player, you will have exhausting trainings, daily regime and set of rules. Day by day, you will have to learn or even to invent new tactics and to level up your skills. Who knows, maybe you are a new cyber sport star?

Try turning your hobby in a source of steady income, do the things you enjoy and earn money, even if you are studying at school.

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