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Kids Money Making Ideas

Having some pocket money as a kid is always nice. However, kids should also learn that money doesn't grow in trees – or in their parents' wallets either! Kids should realize that earning money implies investing time and energy.

Motivating your kids to work a little is not only economically meaningful, but also a good educational lesson.

One kids money making idea is to gather and sell stuff that others don't need. Some kids organize flea markets or swap meets. Second hand goods can be traded this way. A swap meet can be indoors or in your front door, if you live in a quiet neighborhood. The most simple form is just a table with everything on it. Some kids also offer home made lemonade as an additional product. Through this idea you can get rid of any unwanted household that you may have.

Another great idea to to shovel snow or rake leaves. These are simply tasks that most young ones can do with friends to get the job done quicker. Children who are a little bit older can clean houses or mow lawns. Also, if your child can wrap gifts well, they can sell their services to neighbors.

If your child can create useful crafts, then selling them can be a good job. Picture frames and greeting cards are thing that neighbors will buy to support your children. If you're stuck on ideas, why not ask your neighbors what they would buy? This can teach your child to do market research, and they can provide a product needed by their market.

If your child has a camera, they can take pictures for people. You can probably find a used polaroid camera at a yard sale or on eBay or Craigslist. Then, go with your child to the park where people walk around or are playing, and have them ask people if they want their picture taken for a small fee. Maybe you'll find someone who wants a picture of them walking their dog, or a couple of a first date.

Last but not least, a lemonade stand is always a great idea. They don't just have to sell lemonade. When it's a little cooler outside, why not sell hot chcoolate? You can always allow the kids to assist in baking some cookies or brownies to supplement the lemonade or other drinks they will be selling.

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