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Online Money-Making Scams

There are many Internet money making scams out there, which makes it hard for people like myself who are genuinely trying to show the right way to make money online.

Whilst I have been fortunate to find success on the internet to the extent that I now make my full time living from my websites.

I have certainly wasted money on various money-making scams in the beginning, but I have been lucky that I wised up quite early and did not end up in debt chasing the dreams that the various money-making scams sell.

Later I will take you though some of the most common money-making scams out there and then I will take you through a few tips to show you how you can legitimately make money online.

It it sounds too good then...

Firstly, no matter what the sales pitch says, if it sounds too good to be true or so easy to make money then it is probably a scam.

If it was so easy then they would not be selling it to you.

The great thing with the Internet is that you can make enough money to quit your full-time job, but as with everything, it takes hard work and dedication to be a success.

The downside is a lot of people do not want to do the hard work or they buy into some money-making scam as it promises them the easy road to riches.

As my uncle used to say "If it looks like a duck and it sounds like duck and it smells like a duck then it is a duck"

Whilst there are some shortcuts you can take to make you road to success slightly easier, here are a few scams to keep an eye out for.

Google Adsense Money Making Scams

Adsense is a free program offered by Google that allows webmasters and web site owners to post Google ads on their sites and earn money from every click each ad receives.

To qualify for this program, you need a website with some unique content based around a theme. The theme can be on almost anything. The more unique content you have on your website, then greater the potential of free traffic from the search engines.

The more traffic you have, the more revenue Adsense will generate.

Many money-making scams are offering membership of websites which have loads of pre-written content so that you do not to write your content yourself.

They ask you to handover a few dollars per month, and you can download hundreds of articles to populate your website with.

Job done.

Well, unfortunately it is not as simple as that.

All of the search engines ignore duplicate content.

So as more and more people sign up and publish the pre-written content, the search engines begin to notice and start ignore pages on your website. And if visitors cannot find you on the search engines then you will not receive much traffic.

The key to making money in the Adsense program, is to attract traffic to your website so they can click on your ads.

One of the major sources of this traffic is the free search engines. If you site is being ignored by these search engines and you have little or no traffic then you are not going to be earning big bucks from Adsense any time soon.

There are no schemes that are going to enable you to get rich quick though Adsense.

You can earn good money but it takes hard work and time to build your online business. Make-Money-with-Google-Adsense

Get Paid To Surf / Internet Survey Money Making Scams

These schemes are advertised everywhere. I have pile of them in my email spam folder as I write this.

Even my brother tried it, but gave up after a week.

They make it sound very easy. Surf the web, fill out some surveys and answer a few emails ad then waits for the check.

If these pay to surf programs want you to pay money upfront then I would suggest that you run away very fast.

These programs make money by getting you to sign up and pay them a fee. To get your money back or to earn money you will be required to sign up with number of companies and perform various tasks.

As with my brother, most people realize that it is such as hassle to earn anything from these programs that they give up without getting their money back or even earning a dime.

A nice little earner for the people running these money-making scams.

You can earn money from taking Internet Surveys but you need to look for legitimate online surveys.

MLM Internet Money Making Scams

MLM Internet scams seem to be everywhere at the moment. Normally an MLM program will require you to buy some product or join some membership site and then will ask you to go and recruit others to do the same.

You earn a commission on every sale you make, as well as a commission on sales from anyone you get to join.

A lot of these scams also offer you a turnkey website which will do all the selling for you. But the truth is that the majority of people leave MLM as quickly as they join.

So it is hard for you or your recruits to make any sales. And the fancy website that they have given you, well as soon as you submit it to any of the search engines, it will be ignored due to thousands of duplicate sites that are out there.

So you have a website which is ignored by the search engines which means no traffic which in turn means no sales or recruits.

Of course, none of these money-making scams tell you the best way to get search engine traffic is to build your own website around a theme and then fill it with interesting and unique content which your visitors will want to read.

The only people that make any real money with any of these programs are the people on top.

Legitimate Online Money-Making Tips

If you want to make money on the internet, the key to making money is to attract visitors to your website. This can be done from advertising or from the search engines.

According to my website stats, the majority of my visitors find my site though search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo.

You have to get your site into the search engines. To do this is fairly simple, keep writing and building content on a theme that you are interested in.

Search engines love large informative websites especially when all the content is based on one theme.

Some of my websites have over 100 pages and I updated each site weekly so that my traffic continues to grow.

Some of my money comes in from programs like Adsense. All I do is place the text ads on selected pages and I earn money whenever my visitors click on the ads.

Interesting Themes

You must find a theme you are interested in and the go on to build a website about it. Your theme could be on anything from sports, travel, cars to food.

A well thought out theme with plenty of interesting content coupled with Adsense, is the key to long term success on the internet. But you must be prepared to do the hours to write the content and build the website.

That's why it's so important to select a theme you are interested in.

If you have to write 100 plus pages on a subject that you have no real interest, then it is going to be harder than necessary to keep the motivation high.

Once your website begins to grow and you start to attract visitors, other sites will start to voluntarily link to your site which will help with your ranking in the search engines and will bring more free traffic.

It's All About Traffic

To achieve success online you have to understand how to build free traffic.

To get free traffic, you will need to create and structure your pages in a certain way, so the search engines will find them. This is an important lesson to learn, it is one of the reasons so many websites never really progress.

This site and many of my other sites used a special web host service called Site Build It.

This service has helped me build my websites and has shown me how to build free traffic. Not only does SBI provide hosting but also comes with a whole selection of tools for beginners to make building your site really simple.

As you build each page, SBI will also coach so that each page created will rank as high as possible in Google and other search engines. After each page is built SBI will then submit your website to all the major search engines automatically.

I have to say I learnt more about building a successful online business though the SBI program than all the other eBooks and programs put together.

In Summary

Ignore all those claiming that they can bring you millions overnight with these money-making scams.

It is all lies.

No one ever makes money fast online and none of the get rich quick schemes work.

Some may claim to have proof that they have made millions over night but what they forgot to tell you is how long they have spent building up their customer base which enables them to launch and sell a new product so impressively.

In order to make money online, choose a topic you love to write about and affiliate yourself with companies that will pay you to refer them business. If you are a beginner or looking for the perfect web hosting company, then I wouldn't recommend any other company than the Site Build It product.

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