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Part Time Jobs for Students

College students live in a place with all the amenities anyone could ever ask for. Of course, it is difficult to afford any of those things while on a student's budget. What kind of part time jobs are available for students that will allow them to maintain their busy school schedule and keep up their grades, but still be able to afford to enjoy? Here are a few suggestions that you may find helpful.

One of the best jobs a student is waiting tables. Why is this such a great job for students? The hours are flexible. You can work lunch shifts on your days off or night shifts when you have class. When you are off for holidays, you can work a double shift if you want since the country is even more crowded with tourists on holidays. The pay is based off of tips, so you may have slow nights, but more often than not you can make a lot of money. The key is getting into the right restaurant. Upscale restaurants where tables will be buying wine by the bottle will also mean bigger tips. You may have to start out as a host or busing tables if you don't have experience, but it will be worth it once you are raking in the dough.

Australia, Canada, US, UK and NZ they are greatest countries in the world to start an internship. Whatever your career choice is - whether it is law, engineering, accounting, consulting, etc - some of the biggest firms in the world make their home in these countries. These companies are always looking for new blood, and opportunities abound. Take this as your chance to get some experience and get a jump start on the competition. Who knows? That internship may turn into an entry level position. You may have come to NY for school, but you may stay for a career.

Obviously, there is no place in the world that it is better to be if theater is your scene. You're not likely to land a job on Broadway while you are still in school, but there are many off-Broadway productions that could result in you being able to make a little money on the side while finishing up your schooling. Obviously, you would have to be careful to make sure that work would not conflict with school hours and assignments. But other than that this may be a way to start living your dream.

Really, in the today world the possibilities are endless. Any job you can think of is probably available to you. So hit the streets, check the papers, ask for applications, and look around on line. You are bound to find a job that is perfect for you.

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