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Part Time Online Business and Jobs for Teenagers and College Students

Part time business ideas allow to teenagers and students to develop an additional source of income.

While the cost of everything is going up, the income of most people is not increasing.

It is difficult to take care of basic expenses with pocket money.

There are some teens and students who have to spend most of their time taking care of studying. However, they are not study 24 hours a day. Such students look for a part time business that will help them earn a decent extra income. There are many such business opportunities on the Internet.

Affiliate Marketing

Companies interested in selling their products or services look for affiliate marketers to increase sales. Among various part time business ideas, this option is most preferred because it can be started with minimum investment. People who can master the tricks of online marketing can make lots of money in this field. A person interested in affiliate marketing would be well advised to go through some affiliate marketing training program to understand this field in detail. This business requires developing a website around the affiliate product or service.


A reseller can sell products of other manufacturers and sellers through auction websites. Resellers can buy products in wholesale to sell in retail. It is similar to a brick and mortar retail business. The benefit of online reselling is that there are lots of customers on the Internet even for products that have low demand locally. Products can also be resold through an e-commerce website. Establishing such a website involves some investment. All these part time business ideas of reselling are used extensively by people interested in an online business.

Drop Shipping

Drop shipping merchants offer thousands of consumer items to resellers. These merchants sell their products at wholesale rate. In this type of reselling, the drop shipper or the reseller does not have to keep any inventory. The person only needs to promote the product and bring the customers to the merchant. Packaging and handling of products are done by drop shipping merchants. This type of selling involves building an e-commerce website. In all such part time business ideas, people who excel in marketing can earn the best income. Drop shipping merchants may require a prospective reseller to show proof of a website before they offer their products for reselling.

Medical Transcription

There are different types of medical data related to patients that must be kept in digital format. Doctors are busy professionals and cannot spend hours writing everything about a patient. They simply record the information and instruction related to a patient. The information must be transcribed and converted into text format according to specific guidelines. In this field, there are jobs for trained and certified individuals who understand basic medical terms. Companies offering such part time business ideas may require the home worker to undergo a short-term course to learn their specific software. A trained student who passes this test becomes qualified to work for the medical transcription company. There are also large contractors in this field who subcontract the medical transcription job.


In recent years, many sites have emerged that connect tutors to students. Online tutors Boycomputer3(1)teach students via Internet. With the help of a simple computer and some accessories, a person is ready to offer tutor services. There is demand for tutors in every subject. Students from schools, colleges and universities seek assistance of tutors. In this type of part time business ideas, there is also demand for tutors in creative subjects like painting.

Using any of these part time business ideas, any teenager and college student can start earning today!

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