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Simple Money-Making Ideas - Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting A simple money-making idea for animal lovers with an entrepreneurial streak is pet sitting and dog walking.

With pet's owners putting longer and longer hours in at the office during the recession, then this business could be right up your street.

Whilst people do not have much disposable income to spend on a dog sitter but with longer hours becoming the norm then they find that it becoming more of necessity.

There's good money to be made in this simple money-making business according to a recent survey demand has risen by almost 60% in 2016.

In Philadelphia, one dog-walking business grossed $650,000 (£377,800) in 2016.

Who is suitable for Pet Sitting?

Pet sitting is generally very flexible business, although a background working with animals would be great it is not totally essential and as long as you confident around animals then it should not be a problem.

But it is important to have experience with dogs and various pets even if it is just personal pet ownership in the past.

Though there is good money to be made Pet Sitting, there is a high level of responsibility as you are not only looking after someone else's pet but also in certain respects other people houses. You will be holding keys and with that comes certain responsibilities.

Have you got what it takes?

To be a pet sitter especially if you are going to be working with dogs and their owners requires a reasonable level of fitness, good interpersonal skills and obvious an affinity and understanding of dogs.

As with any simple money-making business you need to think about the skills needed to run and maintain a successful work at home business.

The skills needed can range from balancing your books, basic marketing, the ability to network and negotiation with clients.

How much does this cost to start?

Whilst startup costs are relatively low for pet sitting businesses, your major expenditures at the beginning will be:

Public liability insurance

This is to covers you in case a member of the public makes a claim against you.

Flyers and business cards

Flyers is still one of the most effective marketing you can do for a local business. You should be able to get around 5,000 flyers for $50.

Simple Money-Making Ideas - Top Tips

    il> Supply any new client with references to help reassure your potential client and bolster your reputation.
  • Meeting owners well in advance of your first booking
  • Do not walk any more than four dogs at a time
  • Keeping records of all work undertaken
  • Making sure clients personal information is kept private
  • Lastly make sure you do your research
  • Investigate who is doing this in your area and what prices they are charging.

If possible talk to other people that do this for a living to find it out if this is really for you, as it is not a business to take lightly.

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