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Teen Money Making Ideas

Teens can make their own pocket money too. The idea is not just earning money, but learning something too.

For a teen, earning money is a great way of learning a lot about taking responsibility, negotiating, how the world works, how to deal with people, and of course, economics.

Here are a few ideas for teens to be able to make some extra money on the side:

1st idea - Babysitting.

If a teen likes children, babysitting is an easy job and especially around the holidays many parents have to go out more often and don't want to leave their children alone. Teens can post fliers in public places to get clients. In big cities, parents often need this kind of service more than in small neighborhoods. However, it is quite common for teens to provide this kind of service for others.

2nd idea - Yard Work.

In the summer, it can be watering and mowing lawns. In the fall, it can be raking leaves. In the winter, it can be shoveling snow. There are many duties around the house that can be labor intensive, but not so much so that a teen could do them. Your neighbors probably don't want to do these chores, and wouldn't mind paying someone they know to take care of these tasks for them.

3rd idea - Pet Care.

If a teen loves animals, then this is a great money making idea for them. Not every pet owner can take of a pet the whole year round. Taking the pet out, taking care of it during vacation or just playing a little with it are perfectly common services regarding pets. Also, cleaning up after a pet, or bathing a pet can be duties your teen could handle.

4th idea - Cooking.

Most teens don't think about this idea and concentrate in more traditional teen money making ideas. However, there is a huge market out there for home made food. Starting with cookies, going through cake and including anything that can be offered at a party. Most people won't buy real home made food everyday, but watch out for opportunities like birthday parties or holidays like Christmas. People want these festivities to be special. Buying home made food is a way to make them special. Try to be creative regarding it. A simple cake won't be a business hit. But, a fancy cake, or a personalized cake can jump start a small business for you.

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