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Unlock the Wonders of Free Internet Marketing!

Free internet marketing may sound a little fishy. If marketing can be free, then why is it one of the biggest industries in the world? Truth be told, paid advertising definitely has its place – and will always be extremely effective. But did you know that you could be doubling up your efforts without spending a dime? These free techniques, when utilized properly, can prove to be just as powerful as the most expensive campaign.

Article Marketing

It doesn't matter what your niche is – article marketing provides targeted traffic while serving a few other valuable purposes.

Imagine that you are a flower delivery service. Your website is set up around delivering flowers and nothing else. Now, visualize a consumer doing a little Google search in an attempt to find the longest-lasting flowers for his loved one. He reads your article, placed strategically on a high ranking webpage, and sees that carnations will do just the trick. A prominent link in the article directs the consumer toward your website (which, of course, sells carnations!) and makes a purchase. This is one clear example of why any online marketer should learn to become an article submitter for Internet marketing purposes!

You answered the consumer's question, provided the resources they were seeking, and gained a customer! Not only will you achieve traffic this way, but you can actually "warm up" your leads before they even land on your web page!

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines provide the best free Internet marketing available. Consumers use these engines to achieve a certain goal: the visitors that find your website this way have done so because they already want what you are offering. The best content in the world won't make a bit of difference without search engine exposure.

Taking the time to learn SEO is the epitome of what free online marketing is all about!

Previously mentioned was the fact that article marketing serves several purposes. Remember that conversion-creating link in the flower shop analogy? That link also gives the flower shop website a boost in authority through the eyes of search engines like Google. The more backlinks created, the higher the page will rank. Little connections like these are why comprehensive marketing strategies are recommended in the fast-changing online business world.

Video Marketing

Websites like Youtube, Vimeo, and Stumbleupon are go-to resources for information and entertainment on the internet. These websites are open to the public at no cost, making them an effective platform for free internet marketing. Not only will you be exposing your product or website to an important part of the web economy, but you will also be able to take advantage of the best branding technique ever invented: pure face time. Visitors will know your name, face, and hopefully, will remember your offers.

This transaction may only take seconds to set up – as long as the blog owner you approach takes a liking to your website. Take the time to network with your niche neighbors – the relationship could grow into a powerful source of free internet marketing some day.

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