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Best Summer Part Time Jobs for Teenagers

Many teenagers these days are eager to find a summer part time job, preferably in the line of work they are interested in going into after high school to help save up some money for college or to get their own homes after school. Or maybe you are not yet that responsible or goal oriented and simply want some extra cash to spend on your birthday, at Christmas or to get that bicycle or game you have been wanting. For whatever reason you are looking for part time work, the chances are good that you may find something that will be so rewarding that it will inspire you in ways you cannot yet imagine.

The thing you must remember is that you are still a teenager, you are not grown and you are still in school and for you to make something out of yourself as an adult, you must make sure to leave plenty of time to study. Part time jobs can be fun, and teach you responsibility, give you a certain amount of financial independence and teach you the value of a dollar, which will all be very important lessons later on in life as well as valuable experience in the future.

For you as a teenager to land the summer part time job you want, you have to be able to fill out an application without a bunch of misspelled words, stains all over the paper and the smell of pizza. You are trying to impress the prospective employer, not scare them so get help from a teacher, counselor or your parents with the application. Most employers assume that if you are old enough to apply for a job, you are also old enough to know how to properly fill out the application and take instructions. Depending on your age, you may also be required to submit not only a criminal background check but also a drug test. In this day and age, employers have become very careful when hiring, especially young people so go in prepared with your background check in hand and be willing to submit to a drug test.

Some of the best summer part time jobs for teenagers include: Working for a lawn maintenance company on Saturdays or going around the neighborhood and getting afternoon and Saturday grass cutting jobs. Working as an animal caretaker by walking dogs, pet sitting or grooming on Saturdays at the local pet store. If you are really smart in one or more of your school subjects, you can get part time work as a tutor for fellow students as well as neighborhood kids; you can do this at home after school a couple days a week or in the library in school.

Naturally babysitting for families in your neighborhood always brings in good money, but may require you to take a short course in CPR and first aide, which is great because the more responsibility you show and the more knowledge you have the more money you will make. Movie theater employee as an usher or behind the counter can make you good money and get you free movie tickets. Work in a restaurant as a waiter/waitress, busser, cook or a host/hostess where you can earn both a paycheck and tips.

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